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DML technical recruiters are more than just headhunters.
Specializing in Placing Professionals in the IT and Upstream Petroleum Industries
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Life is too short not to be happy in your job!
How many people do you know who are working in jobs that they hate? You probably know a few who are: just biding their time until retirement, waiting until the company is sold, stuck in a rut, or don’t have time to look for another job!
It’s Your Life, Your Career and Your Livelihood
We take this very seriously at D-M-L Technical Search –Tired of responding to online job postings and having your résumé go into a black hole?  With our personalized service you will get responsive and meaningful representation from professionals who care.
The "Black Hole" where
unread résumés go. . .

The black hole for unread resumes
As a candidate engaged in an earnest job search, you need to be confident in the recruiter who is representing you. At D-M-L Technical Search we listen and respond to your specific needs and job search criteria. Our aim is to place you in a position that best fits your background and career goals. There are recruiters out there that have given us reputable recruiters a bad name. There are those who are simply not interested in talking with you unless you fit their current job openings. There are those who use high pressure sales tactics to force a job placement. There are recruiters out there who do not know much about the position or the company. There are those who float résumés all over the universe just to see if someone out there will "buy a person."
If it doesn't fit, we don't force it
We don’t believe in forcing square pegs into round holes.
We take the time to get to know you so that we can speak intelligently about you, as a person, and show how your skills and background fit in with our client’s job requirements and environment.
Serving your employment quest is a multi-step process. Take a minute to read The Process to learn how D-M-L Technical Search works with you towards a successful and rewarding conclusion to your job search experience.
Fees are paid by the employer: Our client pays us a fee for successfully placing people with their company. Typically, we find people for jobs, not jobs for people.
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