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Specializing in Placing Professionals in the IT and Upstream Petroleum Industries
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Send us your résumé
Send your resume today!Email us your résumé with a brief explanation of the type of position you are interested in, desired location and salary requirements. Your résumé will be treated confidentially and will not be sent anywhere without your permission. Feel free to call if you would like to discuss your job search options before sending us your résumé.

Information gathering meeting/conversation
If we have a position that fits your profile, we will most likely request an in person meeting, in order to discuss your skills and background. Your recruiter will give you some background information on the company that’s hiring and if possible, a job description. Please note that client information and job descriptions are not to be shared or distributed unless you get permission from your recruiter to do so. Your recruiter will most likely ask you for a reference list, which will be used when a client requests reference information. Usually the recruiter checks references, but occasionally the client will perform this task.
Presenting you to our clients
Once you have had an in person meeting with us, and you are deemed a good fit for the opening, your résumé will be presented to the client for consideration. We will contact you as soon as we hear from the client company as to whether or not they are interested in scheduling an interview. It is our responsibility to contact and interface directly with the client company. Please do not contact the client company directly!
If for some reason you are contacted directly by the client company, please contact us and update us on any developments. An open line of communication is critical.
Scheduling Your Interview
Once a client has indicated interest, you will notify you regarding date, time, location and the names/titles of the persons involved in the interview process. You should also receive some sort of background information on some or all of the interviewers. As an interviewee, you will be responsible for doing your own research on the company and preparing a list of reasonable questions to ask about the company and opportunity. For advice, please read the interviewing tips on this web site( link)!
Follow up to your interview
After the interview, please follow up with your recruiter, as soon as possible. Your feedback is important information that your recruiter must have before talking with the client. Once the recruiter gets your feedback and gets a sense of your interest in pursuing the opportunity, they will call the client to get their feedback. If there is mutual interest, you may be asked back from a second interview. A client might ask for references at this point, if there is a high degree of interest.
Job Offers
Job offers mean dollars! If a client is interested in making you an offer, it will be presented to you, by your recruiter, verbally or in a written document. These days, job offers are typically emailed in a PDF file to your recruiter. Your recruiter will email you the offer and then discuss the various aspects of the offer with you. If the offer is accepted, then your recruiter will directly contact the client and accept on your behalf and confirm your start date. Sometimes you will be advised to make a personal phone call to the hiring manager to express your gratitude and excitement about joining the company.
Communication is critical
Please keep us in the loop. If you are getting close to or have received a job offer from another company, please let us know. We don’t want to waste precious time presenting you to our clients if you are indeed close to accepting another offer.
Negoiating the best employment package possible.As recruiters, our jobs are to help negotiate compensation packages. Please be sure to clearly communicate your compensation requirements to your recruiter early on in your discussions.

Be sure to give your recruiter a clear and concise summary of your total compensation package which includes; annual base salary, bonuses, stock options/grants, 401K, pension, health benefits, vacation, health club/country club, cell phone, lap top, car/car allowance, educational allowances, etc.

If our compensation requirements are out of touch with reality, your recruiter will let you know. Don’t expect your future employer to make up for what you have not received from your current employer. Most companies are willing to pay competitively but are not keen on giving huge salary increases to those who have been historically under paid by their current employers. If you are thinking of making a move just for more money, then you are probably making a mistake. Money should be secondary over opportunity, career advancement and job satisfaction.
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