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DML technical recruiters are more than just headhunters.
Specializing in Placing Professionals in the IT and Upstream Petroleum Industries
A message to Employers
Given time, you may be able to search and fill a position somewhat satisfactorily. But do you have time and access to the world's top talent at your fingertips? D-M-L Technical Search does... Let DML run the resume maze for you!
Résumés are only a means to an end. Sifting through countless résumés is not a good use of your time.
We provide you with insight into the person behind the résumé and ensure that the candidates we present to you are worth your time and consideration.
At D-M-L Technical Search, our many years of experience give us the unique ability to recruit, assess, and recommend those who are best suited for the position and who will fit into your company environment.
Recognizing that people are a company’s most valuable resource, every hire is a critical hire. You, the hiring manager, can not afford to make costly hiring mistakes.
Replacing employees is an expensive and time-consuming process that can set you back in more ways than one. There’s lost productivity, wasted training, not to mention the ramp-up time to get a new employee up and running inside your organization. Employee turn over is a serious issue, one that can be greatly reduced if you hire the right person from the start. Once we know more about your company and your job search criteria, we seek out and present you with the best qualified candidates, who are top performers in their field. By streamlining the hiring process we save you time, money, and the aggravation that is sometimes associated with getting key people hired on with your company.
Benefits to using D-M-L services
  Low Risk, No Upfront Costs
As a contingency search firm we do not believe in accepting payment for work that has not yet been performed. We are performance driven which means we don’t get paid until after we place someone with your company. Compared with retained search firms, our fees are considerably lower; we do not ask for exclusives and would never ask for payment in advance.
It’s all about results!
  Satisfaction Guaranteed
We offer a 90 day guarantee for each candidate we place with your company. If for some reason the employee does not work out, we either replace the person within a reasonable time frame or refund the fee.
  Access Top Talent
Most of the best people are not actively engaged in a job search. As experienced recruiters, we know what’s happening inside companies in your industry and who to call for referrals to find out where the passive job seekers are. Through our extensive network of contacts, we can quickly locate top performers who are not reading online job postings and sending out résumés.
  Save time and money.Save Time and Money
Sourcing and qualifying candidates is a time consuming process. We take the time to qualify, interview and get to know our candidates personally before presenting them to our clients. We serve as an extension to your Human Resources department as we actively participate in reference checking and salary negotiations.

Consulting Advice

We regularly advise clients on issues surrounding the challenges involved in hiring staff, advising them on salary structures ( what the going rates are these days), the availability of specific professionals in today’s marketplace, industry trends, and other pertinent issues that come up during the course of working with our clients.
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